BUY-A-BRICK Fundraiser
Develop a unique fundraiser for your club or team with our BUY-A-BRICK Fundraiser.

KemmyStonecraft have developed a novel way to fundraise for Schools, Clubs and Charities locally and nationally with our BUY-A-BRICK Fundraiser.

This consists of an engraved brickslip which we engrave with the donor’s name, address, logo or crest and these are then mounted on a wall or on the ground inside or outside in your club or school.

With some fundraisers, you give your money away and have no idea what comes of it. But with Kemmystonecraft’s Buy A Brick fundraiser you will be able to commemorate the fundraiser for years to come with a wall or walkway made of bricks with each and every donors’ name and message.

This memorial then becomes like a big ‘thank you’ to the people who made the fundraising campaign possible.

So, if you’d like to start your own fundraising initiative—whether it’s for a church, school, sports club, zoo, park or any other organisation—why not get in touch with us here at KemmyStonecraft, we would be delighted to discuss your project with you and we even have samples of engraved bricks which you can take away with you to show to your fellow fundraising committee members. We’ll get you started on your fundraising campaign.

We understand this has been a difficult time for everyone and especially for charities, the sporting world and schools, so we are thrilled to launch a new initiative to help. Check out a recent chat I had with Meghann Scully from Limerick Post Show.

Our engraved brickslips:
KemmyStonecraft’s Brickslips are 100% Irish, are handmade oven baked clay brickslips which are guaranteed weatherproof making them suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

We do 2 standard sizes in the brick slip, see attached. The standard size is 212mm x 64mm x 21mm thick. The double size is twice that at 212mm x 128mm x 21mm thick. The price varies depending on the quantity required, delivery date etc but as a guideline the price our engraved brickslips are from as little as €15.99 plus vat per standard size and approximately twice that price for the double size brickslip.


You can see some of the Buy A Brick projects which we have worked on in recent times. Our customers used a mixture of both sizes and the advantage of the double size brick is that you normally tap into the corporate market with these and charge more for them.